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NICEIC Electrical Testing & Certificates
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Co2 Detector Testing
Full Electrical Intallation Condition Report (EICR)

Such surveys are conducted in full accordance with the requirements of BS7671* which does require the installation to be subjected to both a detailed visual and technical inspection.

The testing procedure is conducted on sample testing 30% of the installation and will require the supply to be disconnected from time to time so as to facilitate the inspection and testing of control devices and cables.

Intrusive examinations such as the lifting of floors and carpets are not required though access to false ceilings and other such access panels may be required.

BS7671 recommends all installations be subjected to an Insulation Resistance Test during which voltages exceeding 500v dc are applied throughout the installation.

You should be aware that such high voltages when applied to an installation such as yours will cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronic devices such as computers.

With the above in mind, you are required to submit a full inventory of the equipment connected to your installation that may be affected by such tests; so that they may be disconnected prior to testing.*

In the absence of a comprehensive list of items to be disconnected, Insulation Resistance Test’s will not be attempted.

Once the both the visual and technical inspections have been completed, the results together with recommendations (if any), will then be recorded on the appropriate Periodic Test Certificate and forwarded to you once payment has been received in full.

Formal Visual Inspection Report

As this inspection is conducted on a mainly visual basis, you can expect minimum disruption to your electricity supply as it would not require the detailed testing, inspecting and recording of results as required by in option 1 above.

The only tests completed would be sample Loop Impedance Tests conducted at various points throughout the installation to ensure the electrical safety of the installation.

As with full inspections as detailed above, once the inspection is complete, recommendations (if any) will be forwarded in the form of a written report though no certificate will be issued. 

Naturally some disruption to your supply will be experienced whilst the tests are in progress though these short periods will be kept to a minimum and will only be executed with prior agreement.

In an effort to reduce/eliminate any disruption to your normal working day the entire testing process can be completed out of hours for the additional sum of £150.00p per man per day.

The survey is to be conducted in full accordance with the requirements of BS:7671 (with the exception that, in areas were there is a substantial risk of damaging sensitive equipment, Insulation Resistance Test’s will not be attempted), and is to be completed by BS:2391 qualified personnel.

On completion of the survey should any remedial repairs be required you will be sent a pre-certification report. This report will allow you to correct any defects which may otherwise be recorded on your final certificate as a defect.

In addition to the above we can provide other statutory testing services such as Emergency Lighting Testing and Fire Alarm Testing & Certification as well as Portable Appliance Testing. Substantial overall savings could also be realised should you decide to have one or more inspection services completed at the same time.

Please also ensure adequate access to normally locked Electrical Switch Rooms, Cupboards and Distribution Boards is available at the time the inspection is carried out. 

Client references for works recently completed of a similar nature can, if required be produced upon request.

In all cases the certificate to be issued will be in the format of the applicable NICEIC standards test certificate.

Additional clarification on any of the points raised above can be obtained by contacting the writer on 020 7405 9292.
From visual only through to full accredited Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) we're here to assist you with all your testing requirements.

If your considering renting your property compliance with current legislation means you'll need one or more of the following test certificates:

  • Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) Part P
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Smoke Alarms
  • C02 Alarms
  • Microwave Testing


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