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Fire doors are usually rated at between 30-60 minutes fire resistance which is usually achieved by having a solid core construction which can include: particleboard, chipboard, flaxboard and solid timber. The assembly of a fire door can vary greatly, some have: a timber framing around the core with a laminated veneer; others have a lipping (5-20mm thick) around the core with a veneer on top; and in some cases a plywood, veneer or MDF facing is glued on to the core without framing or lippings. There is no preferred construction method, as long as the desired fire rating is achieved.

Luckily today’s fire doors come in a variety of sizes finishes and colours with or without glazing and can be made to order. Existing doors can sometimes be refurbished to an acceptable level should the existing décor warrant it.

Intumescent Seals

A fire door must be fitted with approved intumescent strips which play a crucial part in achieving the fire door rating. Otherwise known as smoke seals they act when exposed to the heat of a fire by expanding to such an extent that it closes the gap between the door edge and the door frame preventing the transmission of smoke from one side of the door to the other.
Smoke seals can be retro fitted to some doors or can be pre-fitted to bespoke made door frames.

Door Controls

There are many varied controls that can be fitted to a fire door. In many cases fire doors need to be kept open during normal use whilst others may need to be powered so as to comply with DDA access requirements. To this end you may wish to consider installing one or more of the following options to your door.

Motorised Door Actuator

Motorised Door Actuators can both open and close doors and can be operated via motion sensors, push buttons or can be manually operated or a combination of all three. They can also be interfaced with fire alarm system so as to open or close in the event of a fire occurring.

Door Retainers

Also known as magnetic door retainers, they are designed to hold the doors open in normal use facilitating the ease of movement and to release the same, in the event of the fire alarm activating.

Door Closers

As the name suggests door closers are designed to close the door every time a person passes through. Door closers can be flush or surface mounted & can be used in conjunction with the door retainers as detailed above.
Surveys and quotations for the above are carried out free of charge within the M25 area by appointment.


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