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CCTV Systems
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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

As the term implies CCTV is a self-contained system in that all of the circuits contained within it are closed and directly connected. This is unlike ‘broadcast television’ where the signals are accessed by special receiving equipment that is tuned to collect signals from across the airwaves. Although CCTV has always had a high profile role to play in the security industry it is now also being increasingly used to great effect in even more wide ranging monitoring and control applications.

Therefore the true potential of CCTV is becoming understood as it expands its scope to aid both the operational surveillance practices being employed by traditional organisations and those involved with specialist surveillance.
Today’s CCTV Systems come in all shapes and sizes and many allow the end user access to cameras from anywhere in the world via a fixed computer or mobile devices such as smart phones.

We can supply and install a wide variety of systems ranging from single camera observation systems through to mid-range systems suitable for use within small shops and offices right though to systems comprising of many tens of cameras networked over large areas such as schools and hospitals.

We can also supply and install EPOS interfaces linked to cash tills which allow visuals of till transactions again from anywhere in the world.

The Essential Devices

Although the application of CCTV and the range of available components is extremely diverse, we can say that in its most basic form any system must consist of a number of essential devices. These devices or components must be compatible and work together in an efficient way if the CCTV is to be truly effective. These essential devices are namely:
Recording & Monitoring Equipment

Our in depth knowledge of the market and manufacturers together with over 20yrs of independent experience come free of charge as we supply equipment from many of the biggest names in the industry.

Quotations are free and all installations are supplied with a free 12month guarantee which includes parts and labour.
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